Hi, I’m Demetria

I wear many hats: a blogger, podcaster, vlogger, songwriter, entrepreneur, and web designer.

I am also happily married to a US Navy Commander who is my wonderful husband of 20 years.

My main job over the years has been mothering, which is why the bulk of this blog is comprised of my homeschool journey. I’m a homeschool mom of 14 years to two beautiful and bright young ladies and just recently graduated my high school senior. I continue to homeschool my 13-year old daughter.

AIn 2012, I began another blog called Christian Homeschool Moms, where I helped moms of faith with tips and advice on homeschooling. It was a support blog for Christian moms on their homeschooling journey.  As of recently, I have merged that blog and it is now part of this one: MomZest.

At MomZest, I’ll be sharing more about my own personal experiences as a black homeschooling family in Silicon Valley and San Francisco Bay area. I will also share my personal ideas and thoughts, songs I’m writing, my music, and what I’m up to in general.

Our family is also very involved in our local church and my husband and I have recently become care pastors at Redemption West. Also, wherever there is music, we like to be involved! We LOVE music: listening to it, dancing to it, and creating it. Our home library is overflowing with stacks of CD’s we have collected since before my husband and I were married!

I really enjoyed being involved in my church’s worship team and choir pre-pandemic. When I’m not singing in public, I am at home on my piano writing a song.

This blog is about me and my family. It’s a personal account of our story over the years, but it’s also a blog to inspire and encourage you in your journey in life. 

It’s about finding your ZEST in life and living your BEST life. I wish that for you as you read my blog.

To your ZEST in life,