When my husband moved us out west a year ago, we were blessed with the opportunity to move very close to the ocean.  Fieldtrips to the beach are now a regular part of our homeschool days.  We learn something new every time we go.

Being near the ocean makes my heart beat fast, then slow down.  Completely takes my breath away.


Zoe finds a ton of seaweed on the coastline.

It’s so odd to be walking “with” nature.  Birds and seagulls just swoop next to us and walk along beside us.

Nyomi enjoys the view, soaks in the sun (and the crisp winter-ish air), and (hopefully) breathes a “thank you” to mama for homeschooling her.  🙂  I can wish, can’t I?

“I found a feather!!!”

Beautiful sea shells.

Enjoying one of my main squeezes- my baby girl…

Mama’s having too much fun!