Today was Ny’s first day of kindergarten.
I’d say we had a blast!
We started our day at around 7:30 AM with a quick shower, breakfast, prayer, and the pledge of allegiance. She helped me sort laundry into 3 piles/categories (mathematics skills), and we did storytime and went over the class rules for the upcoming year with a Class Rules chart.

We did our calendar for the day – noting the month, day, the season, and the weather for the day.

Then at 8:50 we took her small table and chair out on the porch to enjoy the nice weather and did Math and Bible outside. For math we focused on counting 0-9 with manipulatives using the Math-U-See program. She finished all 5 days of lesson 1 because she didn’t want to stop. I’ll have to pace her on Lesson 2, but I’m glad she’s enjoying math so far.

For Bible we did a lesson, discussion, and worksheet on the creation.

At around 9:30 she changed her into her leotard and I set up a ballet DVD for her P.E. She exercised for about 30 minutes, then on to Handwriting for another 20 minutes. Finally, we did Language arts using the Abeka (and a little of my own twist) in learning vowel sounds.

She’s been sight reading very lengthy words since she was 4 and can pick up a King James Bible and start reading, verses and chapters at a time…so learning HOW to read has not been an issue for us in terms of teaching, but we still want to make sure she has the basics of phonics covered, so we chose Abeka mainly because of its strong phonics program…

So we’re on break now. It’s been a long morning, so we’ve had free time pretty much all afternoon and it’s about time for me to begin cooking dinner and finish up laundry.
But, before the day is over I’ll let her get on my computer for a while and freshen up on some common French phrases, and before the end of the day we might have a piano lesson.

These are things we’ve already been teaching since she was very little, so the transition into today’s first day has been rather easy. The only thing extremely different for me is scheduling the amount of hours per day needed to cover my basis for our church school and making sure I document everything we do for my own records…so it’s definitely more structured, to say the least.

Overall, this has been an awesome first day of Kindergarten!!!