Tonight at church, the evangelist asked an interesting question:

“Are you hungry for Him?” he asked.

I began to wonder about the Scripture that  says in the last days there would be a famine of His Word.

You know…I began to really think.  Who is my Jesus to me?

I call him my Jesus.  He is mine. I think of Him that way.  And I have to continue to remind myself daily…

“Did I partake of my Savior?”

Did I drink from His fountain of Living Waters?”

” Did I consume Him as my daily Bread, my Living Bread in as much earnest as He wishes to consume me?”

I want to be hungry for Jesus.  I want to be thirsty for Yeshua’s Living waters so that I will never thirst again.

Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING can ever satisfy the way He does.

He just makes that itch go away.  He replaces that horrific sadness with a joy so deep.  That deep yearning – He fills it.   The void- He consumes it with His presence until it is full.

Any and everything I have been wanting in life, I found that He alone is the answer.

I can turn right or left– but He is always surrounding me, beckoning me to look to Him.  He is never too far away- an “ever present help”.  He has never, ever left me alone, and never, ever will.

So, am I hungry? Do I long to hear His words, sit in His presence at His feet and enjoy His company?  Do I long to hear Him speak the Words of Life that sustain my soul?  Do I long to partake of His presence here and now…and also at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in the days to come?


I want to be hungry. Hungry for more of my Lord.