One of my favorite parts of web projects like this one is the opportunity to meet other homeschooling mamas- especially ones who are so involved in their community and making a difference in their world as well as their families.

interview with Pam andrews

Meet Pam Andrews:  Zumba fitness instructor, business owner, wife and homeschooling mom of four.  She’s offered her time to help us Christian homeschool moms to become healthier and motivate us to get up and get going in the right direction.

On this podcast, Pam talked to me about quite a few things.  She gave some tips on:

  • getting and staying healthy on a budget
  • eating organically on a low income
  • how to balance having a business while homeschooling
  • setting business and family priorities
  • how homeschooling moms can start our own businesses based on their passions

Hop on over to Christian Homeschool Moms to listen to the full interview.