I joined the gym multiple times.  And then I quit. And then I joined.  And then I quit.

And then I realized…hey, I’m a busy mom and sometimes I just don’t have extra time to take a gym break- but I do have time to fit in a 30 minute exercise on my living room floor.

Most moms I know who don’t join a gym typically take a walk around our neighborhood or go hiking or even jogging around the track at one of our local colleges.  I’ve just always been a gym buff and have been stuck on the idea of a good workout equaling a trip to the gym.

Although I miss my Zumba classes, I’ll have to say I’ve seen comparable fitness results through my online walking DVD programs.

When I first started the Leslie Sansone walking workouts, I didn’t think it would fit my style.  I was thinking, “Honestly, what can a bit of marching do for me?”  In my world it was all about the powerful punch of kickboxing moves or the rhythm-shaking zumba salsa, melting those fatty flabs away.  I needed something to really get me moving.  And I didn’t think a simple walking in place would cut it for me.

Well.  I was wrong.


These are just 2 of the DVD’s I own. I also have her book, “Eat Smart, Walk Strong”.  She has some very basic, but essential information about how to plan your meals so that you can adopt the new eating habits as a natural part of your lifestyle.And her videos?    Better than I thought.  Leslie has coined about 4 basic steps in her walking program that will be repeated intermittently throughout the videos.  They provide a much better workout than I thought because each movement focuses on a different area of the body…while walking.  I love that she starts at a slower pace and increases your heart rate throughout the workout, and, of course, ends with a nice cool-down and stretch. I also appreciate how easy her program is.  Her reach is not a “fitness buffs only” zone, but she’s thought about her wider audience.
You can be 9 years old or 90 and do her program.  No fancy moves, no routines to learn- just simple walking.   In most of her videos she will include up to three or five miles and you can select the number of miles you want to walk on the DVD menu.  Don’t mistake a walking video for some mamsy pamsy excuse to call yourself exercising.  Once you pop one of these in, your endorphins will start to fly, your heart rate will increase, and you will realize that you are, without a doubt, exercising. You’ll get a good workout, you’ll break a sweat, you’ll feel a tiny bit exhausted but mostly rejuvenated, and you’ll be ready for a shower or bubble bath right after.Do you see that contagious smile on her face?  I do believe it’s real.  Take a look at her vids and you’ll see the joy shining through as she leads the workout.  “Walk your blues away” is one of her catch-phrases, and when I’m done with my 3 mile walk right from the comfort of my living room, I feel 100% better than I did before I walked.