I love sharing my thoughts on topics that are important to me. The result? Two podcasts I’d love to share with you.

I created a podcast just for homeschool moms of faith in 2012. Over the years this podcast has shifted with my own seasons in life as my kids have grown up.

If you are a mom of faith who happens to be homeschooling during this post-COVID season, I hope you will find these audios helpful to your homeschool journey. Many of these were posted over 7 years ago, but encouragement remains the same.

You may listen here at Spreaker or subscribe in Itunes.

I also created a podcast just for moms in business. I called it the Mompreneurs in Heels Podcast. If you are working from home, freelancing, or building your online business empire, all while balancing motherhood, this podcast is for you (I hope). You can also find this one on Spreaker or Itunes.