Wow– I was just checking my calendar the other day when I realized we have actually been in California now for one month.  A little over a month, really.

And during this month of moving in and getting acclimated to our new environment, my kids and I have been jumping in all these different activities held around the community, but not really involved connected.
I have to admit, getting connected has not been the easiest feat.  It’s like our roots are still back home and we’re just floating around trying to tie those loose ends to some anchor out here.  I know it’s important to find those connection points, and that it takes time (sometimes months or even years for many people), but for the kids especially it just hasn’t been happening fast enough.

Ny asked me the other day why none of the kids seem to come out in the neighborhood to play.  I thought that was a good question.  She seemed peeved by it (and I would be too if I were 8 and needed some playmates!), so I did what any mama who loves her kids and believes in God would do.  I prayed.
“Mama, maybe some girls my age will come out in the courtyard tomorrow and I’ll be outside at the same time”, Ny said.
Yeah, maybe.  I didn’t give it a second thought.  Until the next day (which happened to be yesterday) I noticed a few girls around her age outside in the courtyard playing ball.
Whoot!  “Get on your shoes and go play!” I yell…and Ny is off running outdoors.
Finally the beginnings of what I hope to be a good play group for her around our home. 
Prayer really does work, and the faith that children have– phenomenal.  Now, if I can only have the same kind of faith for myself.
While hubby is at work, I’ve just been kind of getting us settled in.  He’s been out making those work-related connections.
But on my end, I haven’t really gotten involved with anything since we’ve been here — not any thing that’s not kid-related, that is.  We visited this church downtown that we really liked this past Sunday and I am thinking of joining one of the small groups.  I love that they have an awesome kids ministry and my children seem to enjoy it there (that’s always one of the first things I check for before settling on a church). 
I did sign up for a Pilates class this weekend, but I’m wondering if I’ll really follow through with it or postpone it.
At this point I am still in the out-of-sorts mode- still unpacking a few things at a time and arranging our lives here at home. We still can’t find a few items (I know they’re in a box somewhere)…and there are times when I just get so frustrated because I want this stage of the unpacking and settling process be over.  Completely over.
I want to sit on my patio and enjoy a fresh cup of tea and watch the sunset without the nagging reminder of the boxes in my living room I still have yet to unpack.  I’m tempted to leave them packed in case we move in a few months down the road a piece — but…there’s always that unsettled feeling one gets from realizing they still have unpacked boxes.  I want to feel settled.

Part of that unsettled feeling will be quenched once I make some connections, meet some people and make some friends…and being thousands of miles away from the only friends and family I know makes it all the more important to me.  It’s like a necessity. 
I don’t see how anybody could do it alone.
This is a bustling military town where re-locations and new faces are a natural part of the life and blood of what makes this place unique.  I am positively certain that there are other stay at home moms in this city who are experiencing the same feelings as I am.  Just wish we could run into each other?