Voicethread is an excellent tool I just found online, as I’ve stated in one of my last posts…I plan to use it for NyGirl’s study on the Solar System to help her present her work.

Here’s a video on the VoiceThread website which shows what it does: http://voicethread.com/#home.b409.i848804

Essentially, you can upload documents or images your student has created (or that you the teacher have created) into a sort of slideshow, and create a voiceover narration for each slide. Then others comment on your slides and documents either by voice or text.

I am so excited that I want to create my first VoiceThread right now, but I am waiting until NyGirl has created most of her slides on the planets in Power Point first. The cool thing about VoiceThread is that it accepts different formats of uploads, or you can find images through the New York Public Library (integrated already in the system).
The possibilities are endless for educators. We can have our students use it for online projects, helping them to develop presentations that get “reviewed” worldwide. We can use them as teacher-to-teacher education, creating content that teaches others how to do things…or we can create materials online for older students to learn as well.
We’ll see if this is something we enjoy.