Living My Best Life

While Finding My Zest in Life!

Hi, I’m Demetria.

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    Welcome to my blog.

    Living your best life means finding beautiful meaning in mundane moments. And it means embracing ALL of who you are: spiritually and emotionally, culturally, and physically. 

    What I aim to bring you on this blog is a breath of fresh air and a space to unwind with a cup of tea or your favorite drink. This blog is a chronicle of my homeschooling journey the past 14 years, choices I’ve made in my work at raising strong, young, black women, and my work at developing my own interests and career choices. It’s also a journal of my everyday musings with family as we enjoy life in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Learn more about my family here.

    Here at MomZest, I aim to encourage you to find your own ZEST in life as you strive to live your BEST life.