My girls love girly stuff to the nth degree.  Pink lemonade, Strawberry Shortcake, and princess parties reign supreme in our home.  If I ever have a boy he’d have a battle ahead of him to even out the territory.

If there’s anything that motivates my kids to get moving with their chores, it’s the promise of a dress-up party. Well, maybe not the dress-up part for my oldest- but my youngest would go for it.

Add fancy lemonade, tea cookies, and finger sandwiches, and they’ve been “treated” for the week.

I love it that they’re so easy to please for now. (I’m soaking up the moments now while they’re younger so I can appreciate this later during the teen years!)

These Russian tea cookies were “the bomb!” Just a simple recipe taken from

I thought I might share our September video of our outdoor celebration.