Okay, okay, okay.  Maybe I jumped the gun a bit too fast in a recent post about not doing as much homeschool blogging any longer.
Yeah…homeschooling does feel a bit private- cuz it is!!  It’s my family.

But thinking about it all, I realize that the reason I began blogging about this stuff to begin with is because I wanted to be transparent in the first place, and open up my home to you guys- invite you in my living room, school room, kitchen…my home…and see what our homeschool looks like.
It’s easy to become discouraged and think “well, nobody’s reading my blog anyhow and who am I really helping?”
Sometimes as we rediscover ourselves in a different ways (i.e.- find new interests), we like to ditch the old.
But I think that may be one of my old self-sabotaging habits that I need to learn to kick.
I also feel that I need to realize that no matter who responds (or not) to my blog, that somehow in some way I am helping some one.  The only way I can really feel good about continuing something is to know that at least one person is being encouraged or helped in some way by what I’ve written.  I want to be an encouragement, a support system, a buddy along the journey and homeschooling path.  Though I’m no expert, perhaps someone out there can take from my experiences and feel helped.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to hang in there for the longer haul and keep posting here at this blog as well as my newest blog about health.  And that means…(drum roll)….

My  homeschool YouTube channel has been resurrected!  I can’t believe I’m finally  back up and fully functional on this web 2.0 stuff again 🙂  You have no idea how excited I feel about this.  It has been so long since I’ve given myself permission to do the videos, or to create info sites and blog about everything under the sun that I love.
Holding myself back is part of a really bad habit I’ve adopted over the months (years even)…and it’s probably a topic I might like to address at my health blog. 
Just thought I’d share about my second wind of energy and fresh ammunition to continue.

And yes…I do realize that I have some major missing pics and images throughout this side.  Many of my pictures were uploaded to an old server that is down now.  *sad*  But it’s ok.  More work for me to get the pics back up to a new server and replace all the broken links, but little by little I will fix this issue.

So I’ll be kinda busy at both blogs and YouTube channels (I have a health channel too, which I’ll post a little later).
This is a season of my life of  experimenting, trying new things and learning to find my comfort zone.  Hope you’ll join me on this journey in some way or fashion.