I had a birthday this week.  I realized that looking at 33 is much like looking at 23, but with more wisdom.  I imagine that hitting 43 and 53 will be higher benchmarks in the wisdom department.  I wouldn’t hope for anything less.

My prayer: “Lord, may I glorify you in all that I do this year.  May each birthday that rolls around every year remind me to celebrate Your wisdom, as You graciously give me a piece of it.  Lord, I long for You, Your ways, and Your Truth.  Direct my path.  Help me to make wiser choices this year than I did the last, and help me to always seek You out in every corner of my life.  Sweep clean every cobweb hanging around from yesteryear that doesn’t bring glory to You, and may I seek YOUR face, YOUR will, YOUR ways, and YOUR wisdom in my 33rd year of life.  In the name of Jesus, Yeshua, my Messiah.  Amen.”