Overall, it’s been a fun week.  Last week NyGirl attended her monthly Science lab offered by her homeschool “cover school”, and if I remember correctly I posted pics of those also.

Today she’ll be attending her Geography lab, and I’ll post updates on that.

In History we’ve been studying the expansion westard (arly 1800’s).  Because NyGirl is such a “do-it-in-order” kind of girl, she’s been attempting to find all the Dear America book series from the 1800’s before we move on to 1900’s…which won’t be for a while, I keep reassuring her.

Anyhow, I really enjoy our BJU materials, and we finally got a timeline for our wall so she can follow along with dates. 

The projects have been loads of fun too.  We didn’t get around to making a covered wagon, but here is the beginnings of the cabin she built (without the roof):