I can’t believe school has started back already…but here we are.  I’ve been thinking about how quickly our summer flew. Brief recap:

My birthday- yay 34!

Visits to the Aquarium

Our local library’s 100th birthday party

My hubby’s birthday @ Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

A beautiful sunset on the beach

Fun on the coast

My daughter’s birthday at Chuck E Cheese

Then there was Disneyland and American Girls and Ny’s brief stints at ballet and Z’s sudden realization that we were here in Cali to stay for awhile and her transitional probs.  (Glad to say things have settled down with her and she’s back to her normal self again- talking, laughing, and amazing me more each day!)
Amazing how the summer quickly came and went.

But Back To School we are.
Next post, what our school is looking like these days.