When I looked back on the last date I’ve posted to this blog I could hardly believe I’ve let that much time lapse, and yet I don’t feel that I have really.  Mainly, I’ve been busy uploading loads of videos on YouTube which has kept me pretty busy…and I started a new website for Christian Homeschool Moms– an info and encouragement website for homeschoolers.
I’ll most likely be posting there more often, so come check it out when you can.
I haven’t decided if I’ll keep posting here from time to time or not…but I do know for sure that most of my energy will go toward the new web project.
There, I plan to host a podcast (let me know if you’d like to be interviewed), send out encouragement newsletters, and just pretty much be as much of a positive resource as a I can to the homeschooling community.
So I hope to see you over there?