Whoo hoo!  Our little garden is growing, and growing and growing.

So we got started with planting officially on last week…and already, here we are.

This is about 2-3 inches of squash and peas growth.

We are so excited.  For our first garden I think it is doing well. But again, we have to figure out this whole process as we go.

And still more pics:

We stayed outside a while checking our garden and playing in the sun…then we came inside to rest. It was just way too hot.  We had lunch…and then we started talking about our garden.

The thought occurred to me that we had just received a free book about science topics from Barnes and Noble that might discuss plants, so I dug that up, plus a science journal I bought for her last year.
The discussion on how plants receive energy from the sun, which animals, in turn, gain from the plants led to ANOTHER discussion about healthy eating- mainly organic versus plants with pesticides.

Another freedom of not being bound to a curriculum is that we can be creative.  So…I thought about bringing out my two types of flour (whole wheat and white flour)…and this led to a discussion on the nutrients missing from white flour…plus, the benefits of eating organic wheat (no pesticides).

I placed the two types of flour on a plate…and we just talked and talked and talked.  Fun.

So, there you have our science for the week, in a nutshell. 🙂