It’s been quite a challenge to stay on my healthy eating track these past few weeks, especially with the Thanksgiving holidays, and now with Christmas coming up.

Other than a few bumps along the road, so far so good.

I am quickly being introduced to the world of green smoothies and juicing!

There’s this one little drink that I really like a lot…and I drink it every day.  Besides water.  It’s the Super Green Drink by Trader Joe’s and I have to have it if I want any form of energy to do all that I have to get done in a day. This drink is shock full of minerals and phytonutrients and all that GOOD stuff my body needs.

Take a look at my video about the green drink…

I watched a documentary on Netflix the other day called Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and it really revolutionized my and my husband’s way of thinking about food.  Although we’ve always known this stuff, it’s as if our eyes are finally being opened about how sick our society really is- all because of food choices and the way we eat in America. It seems like common sense, but we really don’t think about it because we’ve been desensitized to it- processed foods, heavy carbs, little nutrients.  It’s really sad.  Anyway, the film documented a man from Australia who decides to go on a 60 day juice fast.  It seemed really extreme to me at first, but the more we watched the more intrigued I became with his results.

Watching this film introduced us to the grand, big world of juicing and we found Reboot with Joe (our main guy of the Fat Sick documentary) and his juicing site and it’s really been encouraging.  Not only is major weight loss a nice result of juicing, but the nutrients packed into one glass of veggies is healing to our bodies which are craving and starving for something healthy.  Seems like some healing takes place, too, with some of the participants of the project claiming fewer headaches, clarity in thinking, and the permission of their doctors to get off medications for autoimmune disorders.

Sounds like a win-win.  My 30-90 day challenge is coming to a close soon, and so far I do feel different.

I’ve lost 10 pounds and 2 inches around the waist, but my few setbacks (holiday eating!) mean that I don’t have a clear sense of a cleanse anymore.  The first two weeks were awesome because I took my colon cleanse and it made a difference in how I felt.  But Thanksgiving pie is still sitting in my gut today, so…yeah. I can’t say I feel as free and clear as I did the first few weeks.  But I am making progress and overall this challenge has been a tremendous kickstart to healthy eating for me.

I think my next challenge (and I like challenges!) will be to go on a juice fast for a few days. Definitely not 60 days or anything that long! But Jordan Rubin talks a lot in his book, The Maker’s Diet (which is based on the concept of eating according to God’s original laws, mainly kept today by Jewish society) about the idea of giving the body at least one day of rest per week.  Hence, a fast.  I think that’s a pretty novel idea- and probably something God might have had in mind for us originally.  So…that said, I may actually start with a one day juicing day per week- and see it how it goes.

If I do decide on the juicing once a week, I’ll share my adventures, of course. And we did pick up a juicer this weekend! (yay)…because now my husband is on board- so we’re both experimenting with this together.  We got a Black and Decker- nothing fancy.
Lovin’ it so far. I’ll keep you posted .  As always.