It has been a crazy few weeks, but a fun crazy all the same.
Ny finished up her 3rd grade school year at home, we took a little trip to Hollywood and American Girls to celebrate Ny’s 9th birthday this month, we are still house hunting, and we’re looking forward to a fun summer around town as the girls are getting involved in those summer fun activities.

Here are the girls on Easter Sunday.  We were in San Jose that weekend.
 Finishing up our school year with learning flashcards/ placemats.

Enjoying a chilly morning in the courtyard tree in back of our home
A science experiment- finding the rainbow
Practicing keyboard

More tree fun

Marbles for math

Z’s piano practice

This summer, Ny has been wanting to try ballet again, so we had her first lesson yesterday at a nearby studio.

So far, this summer is going really well, considering the significant transition- climate-wise.  The highest our temp has been is 72 on a really nice day.  Beautiful!  But for the most part, we’re still in sweaters and in the high 50’s to mid 60’s around here.  It’s a big change from the high 90’s we’re used to down south.  Not that I mourn the sweaty, humid days…but I do miss the warmth just a little bit. 
I mean, it’s June for goodness’ sake!  I really didn’t think we’d still be wearing sweaters.
But that’s Monterey for ya.
Oh, and that little trip down to L.A. a few weeks ago…now THAT was a summer vacation for us.  Just a day or two, but that’s all we needed of warmth to feel like we had an official spring or summer break of sorts.  Seriously, I never realized how much a slight change in climate could throw off my psychi…anyhoo, we’ll get adjusted.  I hope!
Here are the girls at Disney and American Girls:

Of course, I couldn’t leave out me and my hubby!

So far this has been a GReAT summer!  And it’s only June.

Oh, and one of my favorite parts is the package we received from my parents at our doorstep.  On Ny’s birthday she opened up a box filled with goodies from her grandma and grandpa and her uncle.  What a wonderful birthday surprise!  Thanks, Family!  We love you SO much!!!
Okay…so I’m really gonna try hard not to let so much time lapse in between my posts.  But seriously, I got locked out of my account for a few weeks there (I couldn’t remember my login).  I have been wanting to catch up my posts but hopefully you guys can see that everything has been going well for us and we’re taking it one day at a time, making the most of our days and determining to enjoy our lives out here on the west coast.
If we have a move date soon, there will be more photos of course…and updates of the kids’ summer fun.  And I have some stuff to share about my spiritual growth- things the Lord has been teaching me.
Til next time.