If your children have been in elementary school for very long, homework has most likely been a prominent topic of discussion in your home. Amidst the complaints and procrastinations over homework, a parent could sometimes feel overwhelmed. You know there has to be a way to tackle the daily routine of homework without it being such a chore, but how?

helping your kids do their homework

Because I currently homeschool, my kids don’t typically have “homework”, per se. I do, however, realize the importance of the skills needed to tackle school at home.  In this article I hope to cover my bases as both a homeschool parent and to help those of you who have kids enrolled in schools.

I hope the following tips will help you discover some means to an end, despite the chaos that ensues from getting your children to do homework. 

Make sure your children have a regular time for homework.

Whether it’s upon entering the door, after a snack and a few minutes to relax, or whether you choose to allow them some free time to unwind with friends and family first, be sure that you have a set time and you stick to your guns.

Select a comfortable spot.

That spot could be a cozy sofa near a window where they climb up with a clipboard and study there or a well lit desk with pencils, paper, and other needed materials nearby. Flexibly ensure that they are able to concentrate on their work, see well, and that they are positioned to write and read at a comfortable level.

Keep distractions at a minimum.

With younger children nearby, a child could easily be distracted from concentrating solely on his or her homework. Consider offering a room set up just for studying and homework on the opposite end of the house where there are little to no distractions. This could be an attic, basement, or even a garage. By setting up a homework spot for your child in a special area of the home with little distractions, you could help them concentrate on their work and assist them in getting done faster!

Get involved.

Develop a habit of becoming involved in helping your child to do their homework. This puts you in a position of assistant, and causes your child to feel confident.

A few minutes out of your schedule each day to assist your child in school work may seem like a chore, but can actually save you time over the long term as you’ll find your child’s confidence increasing, and hopefully their grades as well!

I hope these tips were helpful! Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.