So…just to recap on up last update post, this year’s been a wee bit wild with swinging in and out of homeschool options. I thought I would take some time to craft a post that shares a bit more detail about what our journey looked like in 2016-17 and where we are today.

Summer of 2016 was a struggle.  As I mentioned in my struggle video…we were at odds about what to do with high school.  If you want a full recap on our homeschool journey so far and how we’ve come full circle to where we are today, you should probably watch this lengthy video.

So, let’s start this story with Fall 2016.  At this point, we hopped into Connections Academy for my 9th grader, hoping this would work out. As I mentioned in the video, I was plum scared of teaching high school…so I freaked and my daughter freaked and we jumped ship from Classical Conversations to this Connections thing…and it was crazy.

Things started off okay. Nice and easy. We got our curriculum in mail and did our haul video.

Midway through that experience, my daughter and I posted a “how we like it so far” video. You can tell we were starting to feel the burn here, but the heat was still pretty low, ha ha.

Eventually my daughter ended up stressed and the situation wasn’t good for her or our family.  Kids stressed, mom stressed, no good.  The heat had turned up. Out of Connections Academy we came.

Meanwhile, I posted a video about my previous year experience after our move and why I hadn’t posted in so long.  Due to an illness I was unable to live a full and complete life of joy and freedom.  I couldn’t homeschool the way I desired.  I managed to cook and clean and most days crawl back in bed, too exhausted to do much else.

This experience prompted me to publish a video about homeschooling through an illness. (And I also wrote a blog post about it at my homeschool blog.)

At this point in the year, we had come to the conclusion that we would need some simplified systems for homeschooling now that we weren’t going to continue with Connections. Plus, I was working from home.

So here’s my video on how to have a simple homeschool…

and I posted a few videos about mompreneur work too- like balancing homeschooling while working.  I’ve got plenty of info on that at my mompreneur website, but I’ll be sharing more of my homeschool mompreneur-related videos here as well…probably another post, so be looking for that.

Anyhow, the pull out of Connections Academy meant I had to hustle over the holidays to do some last minute curriculum changes for my 9th grader.

So, here’s that video, plus a few more on why it’s okay to make a mid-semester change.

You know how it is the homeschooling community when we feel the guilt for not doing things the way everyone else does them. When we’re afraid to admit that something didn’t work out.  That we made a poor choice.  Yeah, that.  That’s what these videos are about.

At this point, I’m in no mood to start pre-planning my upcoming school year.  We’d had so many changes I just didn’t feel it this time around.  So, I kind of waited until the last minute because I wanted to feel what my kids needed the upcoming year.

Summer 2017 was a whirlwind.  I finally went by our charter school resource center to pick up a few school supplies, still not fully convince that this was what I would officially use for my 4th grade daughter.

This lead me to realize that I hated over planning.  While most moms were gathering up all their resources for the upcoming homeschool year I was a bit unsettled with what I wanted to use and how I wanted to use them.

I went ahead and uploaded my curriculum choice video anyway, but at the end of the day, I realize there is no such thing as over planning for me.  When it comes to homeschooling, I’d rather not.

And I’m glad, because this being fed up with planning more than I could accomplish lead me to discover what I really wanted.  I wanted a holistic lifestyle. I wanted to live healthy and to have my family join the journey of healthy living with me.

I got into essential oils and loved it!

I wanted to explore natural learning with my kids- nature-based learning.

I wanted to rediscover Charlotte Mason again.

I wanted to reconnect to my crafty self again.

And it’s all coming together, y’all. It really is.  I’m excited to continue this journey called life.  Life is a journey.

I’ll be back next time with more homeschool- and life- updates 🙂