A day or so each year our local art museum offers a free entrance to all residents…so we had a great time checking out our local artists’ talents.

My daughter enjoys observing art


Our children’s museum also offers a finger painting hour for the younger ones.

 Trips to our local aquarium are also a lot of fun.  We didn’t pay for our membership this year, but thankfully, the Monterey Bay Aquarium offers all county residents a week of free passes, so after seven months of missing our aquarium visits, we finally got our chance to go back.

Obviously, the jellyfish were a huge hit for my kids.  We took lost of pictures of those.


 The scenery overlooking the ocean from the top floor of the aquarium is simply dreamy.

This little dude made cracked us up for quite a while.  So cute!

 There’s nothing like a beautiful captured sunset  at the end of a long field trip day.  Moments like these make me breathe out a deep and heartfelt thanks to God for the opportunity to raise my children and to educate them myself.  It makes all the “hard” days worth it.