Hannukah, Advent, Christmas…the holidays are definitely upon us.   (For some of you blessed with December babies, you have birthdays to celebrate in December as well, which can be double the work, but double the fun!)

So what kinds of things does your family do over the holidays?  Do you stop with your academic school work or keep going right up until Christmas?  Do you incorporate some holiday festivities into your school days?

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In our family, we’ve chosen to keep up with our academic studies until the week of Christmas (when we get a whole week off- yay!), but we’re doing a lot holiday festive things in our home too…

We created our own little hannukah gelt with melted chocolate chips and peppermint wrapped in foil.  We didn’t have gold foil, but it turned out just as well.  And we got our dreidel from a local community nativity event a church put on in our area.


And although we didn’t quite have the tall advent candles, we used what we had on hand for own special Advent lighting ceremonies at home.

Our homeschool days are looking more and more relaxed as we get closer to the holidays.  Yes, we still have our academic subjects in the morning, but they’re kind of laced with holiday-ish activities (arts and crafts and fun puzzles, mazes, coloring pages, or word seeks).  Somewhere between my 5th grader’s math, science, and grammar, we fit in some holiday fun.

And let’s not forget the cookies.  A few days cannot pass without one of us looking at each other, asking: “where are the chocolate chip cookies?”  My homemade ones are pretty yummy and fill the entire house with the smells of Christmas, and we just want to wrap up in blankets with hot chocolate and relax.  To me, that’s the best part of homeschooling over the holidays.

In another post, I’ll give some ideas about Advent,  Hannukah, and Christmas activities you can participate in with your kids.