Ready to homeschool goal-plan?

No worries- it’s not too late. The Homeschool Boss Mama Goal Planner is available and (still!) on sale. Also, it’s just never too late to plan for your kids’ education, right?

Have you been wondering how exactly to do this? Does planning happen when you purchase just the right planner? How about once you order all the right curriculum?

The good news it- you don’t have to wait on anything to be perfect. Just take a look at your kids that God has blessed with you, and pay close attention to who they are and who you are, and the Lord will guide you in planning for them.

In this video I share some basics ways to do goal-planning in your homeschool.

  1. Identify your identity (with a family mission statement).
  2. Assess your boundaries.
  3. Choose resources based on your family uniqueness.
  4. Write out your goals for each child.
  5. Revisit and refresh.

I hope these tips are super helpful for you! Don’t forget to sign up for Homeschool Boss Mama ecourse- now available and on sale!