This week I’ve been doing some real introspection on what it means to be a mom. As my days have gotten busier with blogging for business and ministry, as well as overseeing the general management of my home and my kids’ education, I’ve really discovered just how crucial it is to be filled up to the brim with God’s provision of Strength.

I can’t do it alone.  No one can.  Moms are not meant to trek through this journey of motherhood on our own.  It’s just way too much to bear and too heavy a load to carry.

When I look at my kids each day, watching them sprout up like beans,  growing hastily before my eyes, I can’t help but wonder when will life ever simply stand still.  Just stand still.  

I want to capture these moments.  In the midst of my busy-ness I find myself drawn to the quiet times, the sacred seconds when I stand in the doorway of my girls’ bedroom and watch them at play- drawing, singing, creating, playing with dolls- and I don’t want to let these moments go.

I hold these moments dear to my heart- because I know they will soon pass.

It’s in these moments that I realize that every single struggle I endured during those “terrible two’s” (and three’s) is like a dot in the distant past as I barely remember the pain of the struggle of sleepless nights. All I can see is today- and today is passing by so swiftly.

I want it to slow down.

But alas, life must go on.  And although my heart breaks just a little at the thought of them growing up so quickly, I feel the need to learn how to embrace today for all that I can.  The moments I have with my girls are the only moments I have with them today, at this age, at this place in time. And I want to breathe it in and enjoy it, fully embracing it with open arms.

And I need  His strength.  I need His love.  I need His patience.  I need His joy.  Then, and only then, will I be able to embrace my today and prepare for my tomorrow.  It’s only through His strength.

I’m determined to love my kids, to be the best mama I can be, and raise them with the awareness of God’s constant love for them.