We have been trying out new systems to keep things running well in our home- likemenu planning.

I know, I know.  For most of you who already know the ropes, this is no biggee, but I promise it took me a while to get the hang of how to manage hubby and kids and keep enough food on the table to last the entire week.

So part of my learning style is that I am a very visual person, and I need to see what I’m doing, a week at a time, at one glance.

Thus, the at a glance monthly calendar works perfect for me. (It’s bonus – I get both the week and the entire month to plan!)

I’m using a dry-erase at-a-glance monthly calendar posted on my fridge to help me with menu planning (both lunches and dinners) to keep my kiddos and hubby happy and full.  I picked it up at my local Dollar Store and used fridge magnets to keep it up.

Here’s a video on how I’m planning to use it weekly to help with my planning process.