A few months ago my daughter had her final ballet recital of the year.  She is really into drama, arts, music and the like…and has been begging me again recently to start back ballet again.

I would, (ballet is not extemely expensive where we live), except that I made her choose between a few pre-selected activities.  Not wanting to overcrowd her schedule, we ended up joining a local gym instead, which allows her to have drilled and free play exercises in a class for kids her age.

Meanwhile, I thought I would put up her ballet pics…

At the end of the recital, she receives flowers from mom and dad 🙂

Gotta love the giddy smile.

Okay, I’m not certain if my eyes were open or close, but I did try to jump in this picture with NyGirl.

You know how it is- when you’re always the one TAKING the picture, there’s never any proof you were ever present!  So I wanted to make sure I actually got IN the picture this time.


More pics: