I’m finally getting out there with jogging and walking! For a long time I’ve not ran or jogged because of my knee problems.  But over the years I’ve been taking Glucosamine/Chondroitin and things have gotten better.

I got out and jogged with my dog the first few times. This is definitely not my best picture, but it shows me in action…

I’ve learned that in life, if you really want something badly enough, you’ve gotta just get out there and do it.  Arm yourself with information to help you make better choices, then- it’s really about just buckling down and doing something about it.

I’ve always wanted to become a jogger- but always felt that I couldn’t because of my knee issues. I don’t expect to be full-out running 7 second miles by next week, but I feel I’ve accomplished something even if I jog slowly but consistently a few times a week. And I love the combo walk/jog routine.

When I’m not jogging for exercise, I pop in my Turbo Jam(remember the one I shared with you guys last year?) And sometimes I like doing something slower but intense like Pilates or yoga.  I found this great blog called Blogilates and I follow herYoutube channel as well.  Good stuff! The good thing about her program is that the exercises are extremely intense, but short and quick so you can get them in right after you wake up and before you start your day, or however you want to fit that in.

And here’s a bonus video just for you! My update on how walking is going for me:

So, tell me your thoughts. Are you also on a walking or jogging journey?  I‘d love to hear back.