Yesterday was a day of wonders in our home.  Why?  Because my kids are finally learning to help me around the house!  Yay.

Right before breakfast, my 9 year old decided she wanted an egg omelette and that she could very well cook it herself.  And I agreed.

So she did.

And here it is:

My 9 year old’s first omelette (made by her!)

 Need I say how DELICIOUS it was???? Good stuff.

Then she just kept right on helping me around the house.  I told her she was my assitant trainee and that she would learn how to run the entire home on her own one of these days.

loading the dishwasher

wiping down counters

cleaning the garbage can

I think we might be moving towards an increase in allowance.  She never asked for one, which makes it all the nicer.
I am working on creating systems within my home so that everyone knows what is where and how to pitch in.  It’s something that I have been working on all my married life but has just now become a necessity and the sooner I can pull this together the better.  I have willing and helpful family (as you can see) but I am working on getting organized so that it’s easier for them to help me.

I accrued a pretty large library fine a few days ago *gasp* and I vowed to never let it happen again.  The thing is, I know that it’s simply the result of my not staying on top of things- system wise.  I am thinking of a few different ways to keep organized with our libary books.  My hubby gave me some good advice (using my cell phone calendar alerts).  I also like to see something visual on my wall, too, but not take up too much space.  And I most definitely cannot fit the titles of 15+ books (yes, we do need that many) into the small calendar spaces alotted.

So…any ideas?

For now, I’m going to use the cell phone idea from my husband, and keep on coming up with systems that help us run our home better.