Whether we admit it or not, many women go through seasons of depression- and many times we don’t speak about it at all. Not even to those closest to us. And quite honestly-that’s a very unhealthy place to be.

Unhappiness leads to depression. There are so many of us around the world who are dealing with seasons and bouts of depression. I know that is not God’s perfect plan for us, but that it’s a result of the world we are living in and the unfortunate circumstances we might find ourselves in.

Nonetheless, our God is a Healer. He can restore your mind, your heart, your soul. He can bring joy back to you and restore your health- both physically and mentally. We serve a wonderful God who can do just that – and for you. He loves you that much.

Sometimes the best way to overcome depression and sadness is to do something for others. During this season of COVID-19 is a great time to start.

I have found that getting involved in my church and volunteering to help others less fortunate that I am chases the blues away. When we help other people it somehow raises our level of hope.

Being a part of the solution is always a great way to allow joy to enter your heart.

I hope this video encourages you if you are going through depression or anxiety. Know that whatever you are going through God is with you. Try to reach out to other people and serve, and see what happens.

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