Tonight I’m thinking about transparency.  Being real.
Most of us are pretty good at painting the lovely picture that we want the world to see, yet hiding the flaws and imperfections that we’re not so proud of.  That’s part of human nature- wanting to remain inconspicuous, well-hidden, uniform, and wrinkle-free.  But it’s not real– and we know that.

I’ve at times struggled with the idea of “putting it all out there”, such as on a blog, on display for the entire world to read about, muse about, and mull over.  But despite the not-so-comfortable position we bloggers place ourselves in, we have to admit that there is a raw and authentic beauty in being so passionately transparent. You can’t really, truly connect – human to human- without a sense of “real-ness”.  It turns people off when you preach at or preach down to, but never stop to show the applicability of what you’re saying. 

All that said…I have come a long with in my blogging journey, with the notion of transparency.  I’ve not always been willing to share my deeper thoughts- in fear somehow that they would reveal more of me than what I’m ready for, I suppose.   I’m much more comfortable staying on the lighter side of things- as we all are. I can also whip out an info-article as quickly as I toast a slice of bread.  It’s become habitual- those articles.  But what I’ve learned is that I would never have been so inspired and enlightened, or felt so connected to the bloggers I regularly read if they had not taken the time to start with first things first- transparency.  It’s what, in my book, makes a blog delicious as opposed to stale.  You just have to keep coming back for more.  You end up all wound up in the lives of people you’ve never met in person, but totally adore online and you just can’t wait for them to post again so you can keep up with their lives.  Many times you get to meet those people in person- even cooler.

That said, I have to leave a shout-out to my online buddy, Erin, from the Well Trained Homeschool for inviting us readers into her home and homeschool.  I have been following her blog for years and she’ll possibly never know the extent to how she has inspired our family.  I love her YouTube videos and everything she does in her home to make it healthy for her kids and family.  Awesome woman! 
And although I only just found her blog a few weeks ago, I love that Margaret of Green Beans and Little Things is so openly honest about her struggles and delights of life. I relate to her in being a stay at home mom with a passion for artistic endeavor and business- a true conflict of interest at times.  I also relate to her because she too has recently moved and is settling into her new town and having to start her life all over again.  And there are so many more bloggers I want to mention but I’d have to write all night, and I’m going to bed in 5 minutes flat.
The point is, if it weren’t for the openness and honesty of others, I wouldn’t feel inspired or as connected…
So I am going to make an honest effort to continue along that path of honesty and transparency in my blog posts from here on out. Whether it’s my faith, home education, natural health…what have you. 

Five minutes are up.  Going to bed.