Today was lovely.  I am learning how to appreciate my children more.

Baby Z (my toddler) has a cold, and despite the fact that she isn’t feeling well, her sunny disposition makes me smile.

And my oldest daughter, my little princess, is forever amazing me with her intelligence and willingness to help out her dear mama whenever possible.  For example, today we shopped for an hour at our local Winn Dixie (I was crossing my fingers for a few coupons at the checkout counter, which never happened…but I digress)…and the whole time Ny strolled her baby sister around for me as I pushed the shopping cart.  Baby Z had been sleeping for some time and (thankfully) slept throughout the entire shopping trip…but she isn’t so light any more, so after about 30 minutes of pushing the stroller I volunteered to help Ny, but she responded, “No, mom…I can do it.  I’ll help.”  Her answers for me all week have been “Sure, anything else you need?”   And, as is her character, I never have to worry about a hidden agenda up her sleeve, like “okay…now can I have five bucks?”  It just never happens.  At least so far.  I hope it will remain that way.  And needless to say, after observing her actions I had to look at my own.  Truly, this is what inner beauty is all about.

My heart has melted.

I begin to wonder how God, our Heavenly Father, must feel when we remain sunny and cheerful as my dear BabyZ, despite our physical ailments or emotional pain.

I wonder how Jesus must feel when we, like NyGirl, respond to His requests with “Sure, is there anything else you would like for me to do?”

Must it brighten His day?  Cause a smile to light His countenance?  Assure Him of our faith in Him?  Cause His face to shine upon us?  Cause Him to work on behalf for our requests even sooner than we had expected (though He is always on time!)?  Does He rise up on our behalf, determined to ensure that we have not only what we need, but exceedingly, abundantly above what we even dare ask or think?

All because of attitude…


Lord, help me to have your attitude.