Hey mama…are you taking care of yourself?

Made you think, didn’t I? This question is really important, but we often pass it off or place it on the shelf. We tend to take care of everyone else first (like our kids!) before we’ll take care of ourselves.

It’s so important for mamas to stay healthy because we have so much to give back. So…here are my tips for helping you out with self-care.

Let food be thy medicine.

Be careful what goes into your vessel. You food is fuel and can either make you or break you. Dont’ forget to eat healthy and choose your fuels wisely.

Also, drink loads of water.

Have a God-connection.

As you grow in your faith, you become stronger in your spirit and you’ll find the energy to get through your life issues. Make sure to get plenty of prayer time in with God and have a connection with Him all day long.

Check out this book called How To Pray by Ronnie Floyd. This book has been helping me tremendously!

Feed your soul.

Learn to enjoy doing things you love and feed your soul. That can mean going for walks or jogs, reading good books. I personally love documentaries and Dry Bar comedy for a good laugh! I love curling up with a good novel (sometimes on audio book) but guess what?

I have to make the time to do these things. We can get so busy we forget to have fun. Let’s make it a habit to remember to help ourselves to be happier.

Dress up and get out.

Sometimes you just have to get out on the town and have some fun. Go out with your spouse, go out with some girlfriends. If you have to, get dressed and just go to the grocery store. Take your kids to the park. Leave your kids with a sitter and go get coffee.

Do whatever it takes to keep your life exciting- outside of home.

Don’t make it all about the kids.

Remember those days of reminding the kiddos to tie their shoes or grab their jackets? If you’re in the throes of that now, don’t be discouraged…it may seem monotonous, but it will soon be a passing phase and they’ll be teenagers. Then you won’t remind them to tie their shows anymore, but instead, to park the car correctly in the garage!

The days go by quickly and soon kids become teens who become young adults, and we mamas become empty-nesters. And that doesn’t have to be a sad case at all- but it does have to be accounted for. We need to assess our lives from the perspective of “what am I doing for me”, especially as our kids are beginning to get a bit older.

Remember, it’s okay to take care of you. And, really, you shoul.

I hope this has been helpful to you. Leave comments below! 🙂