My word on the mat this week is a phrase: speak life.

Today’s inspiration: Psalm 39:1


Busy moms are just that…busy. In our busy-ness we talk- a lot.  How soon we forget that our words are meaningful and that we have significant impact on people around us through our words. This means that we ultimately effect our children and spouse through our choice of words.

My prayer is that I will…

guard my ways and restrain my mouth with a muzzle.

If ever I’m tempted to speak negativity over my children or to put a damper on my husband’s evening with my sharp and witty words, I pray for God’s help to restrain myself.  To hold back the damaging words that want to come pouring out of my lips.  To curve the temptation to speak when I should bite my tongue.  To replace the negative words with positive words: words of peace, words of wisdom, words of life.

We named my youngest daughter Zoe- which means “life of God”.  Every time I look at her and call her name I am reminded that God’s life is breathed through her, sustaining her through the power of His word.

We named my oldest daughter Nyomi Shalom- which means pleasant and delightful one, and peace.  She truly lives up to her name in every way.

I realize that we are what we call ourselves.  Names are powerful.  Words are powerful.

Be careful what we speak over ourselves and to those we care for.  Speak life over our family members.  Speak peace and joy.