I started blogging circa 2004 and boy has blogging EVER changed since then! Now, more than ever, is a great time to take advantage of tools like blogging in order to start and grow your own business from home.

Now…did I say it was easy?


But it is doable. It takes time. And although there is a learning curve, anyone can learn to do it.

I offer a course on how to start your own blog, but in this post I wanted to share my recent YouTube videos about what it takes to start your own income-earning blog. I’ll give you the nuts and bolts of the basics (like the technical start-up know-how).

Firstly, I begin with a video on why I believe women can (or even should) work from home.

Why Moms Should Start a Business

There are so many people who need what you have. Share it, give it, celebrate it!

Learn steps to becoming a successful mom blogger.

Change your mindset by getting ready and doing the groundwork to being able to accept money and success.

Get started with your hosting!

You’ll need to build out your blog on a credible hosting platform. On this video I teach you how to start your SiteGround hosting account where you can build your blog.

Learn the 12 steps to a successful blog and writing stunning blog posts!

Set yourself up as an expert online (with a blog)

Stand out in an over-saturated market.

No worries if your niche seems over-saturated. Hop in anyway. There is room for you.

Keep Readers on Your Blog Longer!