In my journey of peace I realize even more than ever how important it is for me to actually KNOW the giver of peace.

Jesus is referenced as the “Prince of Peace” in the bible.  He is the One who ultimately gives me the peace that I need in order to deal with and be a victor in my life on earth.

Sometimes I fail to remember this all important truth.  When I forget that He is the author of my peace, I take situations into my own hands and try to solve problems in my own strength.  I fail miserably every time.  In attempting to “fix” my situations, I either end up messing up the situation…or I tend to get my emotions, intellect, and soul all warped and confused in the process so that I end up being an emotional, mental, and spiritual wreck.  Then how good am I to the Kingdom- or how effective am I in ministering to others, loving others, being a witness to the world of Christ’s love and peace…if I have no peace?

So, it is in Christ that I must learn to rest.

I HAVE to allow Him to solve my problems- any problems.  He is the ultimate problem solver, and …yes, I often forget that too.

My duty on this leg of my journey is to begin to trust Him as my “answer to all things”.  Whenever I have a problem, I must turn to Him immediately, rather than later.

If He is my giver of peace, then I don’t need to fix anything myself.  My goal is to turn to Him from now on to meet all of my needs.

ALL of my needs.