There is a really cool website I’ve been enjoying for a few years that takes your PDF files and converts them to flip-style online magazines or presentations.

Check out

I’ve used this for my other websistes before, but never thought about using it to digitize ALL that paperwork we’ve accumulated during our home school.

Well…DUH!  My solution for classwork paper management was in front of me the entire time!

So I’ve recently begun a project to scrap all paper clutter and digitize nearly all of my daughter’s school work (except a few exceptional, “can’t bear to part with it” paper stuff).  All of her artwork will be not only kept in a hardbound cover at home, but digitized as well.

I’ll be sure to keep posted here at the blog about how our paper digitization goes (or doesn’t go).

Meanwhile, here’s a peak at our History, Geography, and Social Studies portfolio.  This is NyGirl’s portfolio, for grades K-1.  It doesn’t include everything we’ve done, but it shows a good bit of the paperwork we’ve completed last year.