A few years back, I wrote a piece for my local community kids magazine, about crafting with kids -using soap. And yes, it was then Valentine’s season, and although I’m posting this in the middle of July, maybe it’ll give you a few months advance to gather all your supplies!!

I’ve always enjoyed melt and pour soapmaking- both for hobby and business- but sharing this craft activity with my then six year old was oodles of fun.

So, I’m sharing the article with you guys.  Maybe you’ll try out this craft some time.  If you do, send me a note or reply to this post to let me know how it goes.  You can even send in a picture and I’ll post it one week to share with our readers.



It’s the beginning of a new year, and most likely you may be feeling swamped with the idea of making resolutions for the upcoming year.  Like most parents, you probably wish to get involved in more hands on projects with your kids, but instead it’s easy to find yourself caught up with the complexities of daily life.

But, no worries. It’s the start of a new year and a brand new commitment to make fun memories with your children. With Christmas and New Year’s behind us and Valentine’s fast approaching, you could look forward to participating in family projects that incorporate love as your main theme.

Here is a fun Valentine’s project idea your children may enjoy creating (and bathing with!)  It’s also a great party gift idea, especially for parents who prefer to lessen the candy exchange on Valentine’s.

Moms, just be sure to offer plenty of assistance if your kids are younger, and most of all – have fun!

Valentine’s Heart Soaps

Utensils needed:

  • microwavable measuring cup
  • heart shaped soap molds
  • soap base
  • soap colorant
  • fragrance (optional)
  • freezer
  • see through candy bag wrappers
  • ribbons to tie
  • labels

(Most of the items above can be purchased at crafting stores such as Hobby Lobby or Michaels)


  1. Lay out your utensils at a work table.  Plan to work at a surface that is easy to clean up afterward.
  2. For younger children, prep your soap base ahead of time by already having the soap cut into chunky blocks
  3. Fill up a microwaveable measuring cup with soap blocks and microwave on high for one to two minutes at a time until completely melted
  4. Using a plastic spoon or knife, stir in a few drops of your desired soap colorant and fragrance.  Typically three to five drops is enough.  By now, your liquid soap should have a pretty color and smell yummy.
  5. Have your soap molds lined up and ready.  Carefully pour the hot soap into each mold until filled.  This is one step mom or dad will need to do when working with younger children.
  6. Make some room in your freezer and set the molds into the freezer to harden.  Check your soap every 10 minutes or so, careful not to overfreeze it. When the surface of the soap feels hard enough, take them out of the freezer.
  7. Immediately pop your soaps out of the mold onto wax paper or a paper plate (or any clean surface).  Voila!  You have a beautiful, heart shaped soap.


At this point, your soap probably smells heavenly, and your children may either want to keep it for their bath, or give it away as a Valentine’s gift.

If they choose to give it away, have some plastic, see-through candy bag wrappers available, slip your soaps in, and tie with ribbons or raffia.

To jazz it up even more, you could create beautiful hand or computer printed labels that either stick on the wrapper itself, or that you affix to the ribbons.

If your kids love crafts, then they may really enjoy this squeaky clean project.  Have fun, and remember that we have only one opportunity to love our children through each age and stage.

Happy Valentine’s!