weight loss goals with turbo jam

These past few weeks (with the exception of a few outings and visiting friends) I’ve been on a pretty well-maintained eating regimen, and I’m really starting to see some results!

I’ll share about my workouts on this post- next post I’ll share a green smoothie recipe that’s so good!

First off, there are my workouts, which I try to get around to doing about 3 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less- depending on how the week goes.

I invested in Turbo Jam a few months ago, but literally fell off that plan right away. I always had excuses-I was too tired, it was too late in the evening, too early in the morning, my kids were waiting for me, I had other things to do.

Finally, I got my act together (after getting sick of looking at this $60+ program sitting near my DVD player and going  to waste).  Plus, I wasn’t too happy with my ever increasing weight gain.  Let’s just say I got motivated.

So far, I’ve taken 2 inches off my waist and lost 7 pounds. YAY!!!! I’m really excited about seeing some RESULTS.

My favorite part of this program, by far, is the guide book. It tells me which workouts to do when, and I just follow the calendar- tweaking once in a while- but it’s all there for me, plus a nutritional guide.

These hand-weighted gloves don’t look like much, but they really form some biceps! So that’s my next favorite thing about Turbo Jam.

I have several programs to choose from in this workout set, so I haven’t gotten bored yet.  With five workouts I rotate them every few days. It’s all on the calendar in the guide book.

My goal is to lose 7 more pounds in the next 3 months (and I’m giving myself plenty of time because holidays are soon approaching)!  I want to eventually get back into the jeans I wore when I first moved out here three years ago- you know, without having to suck it all in.

I’ve been “turbocharging” my workout with cleaner eating, too. My next post will be about a green smoothie drink I’ve discovered I like making (and drinking!).  I’ll also be sharing some newer, healthier recipes I’ve found.

Meanwhile, there’s also my favorite tea to get my day started.

It’s not caffeine-free, but it’s not coffee- so I’m making a caffeine exception for this.  Good stuff.  It gives me a little kick start with energy so I can feel even more motivated to do my workouts.

Are you on a health or exercise journey?  What are some of your favorite exercise programs?

I’d love to hear from you. Leave me some comment luv!