It has been a while since I’ve posted to this blog, mainly because I’ve had so many other blogging outlets here and here. I also recently resurrected my web design business here. So, all that to say, it’s been a busy few years.

These two girls have grown up. This is a picture on their first day of school in August 2019. They were going into the 6th and 12th grade.

At the wake of the turn of events since 2020 has rolled in, I’ve felt the need to blog about my thoughts, my feelings, and document my emotional growth as I take strides into what feels like a completely new era. Not just in the world around me, but in my own life personally.

Since I last blogged here, I’ve moved from the hub of Silicon Valley in downtown San Jose to the top of a picturesque hill in the East Bay in a smaller city not too far from Oakland.

That move, along with my initial move to California from Alabama, was the hardest one I’ve ever done, and just draining in so many ways. Not only was I emotionally burnt out but I was also physically fatigued from it all. I’ve been working on repairing my body and getting stronger for a few months now.

Now that we are (mostly) unpacked and settled into our new home and despite my physical drain from the move, I have to say, it is the nicest house we’ve ever lived in and I’m immensely grateful we went through the arduous process of getting into this place.

The neighborhood is a safe, gated, and quiet community on a golf course, and the views of the bay, the bridges and the cities down the hill below are breathtaking and spectacular at night. I have to pinch myself over and over again to believe I’m actually living here.

That said, the process of healing is easier here. Downtown San Jose was noisy and bustling and I do think noise pollution affects your health because I can feel that I have decompressed since moving up here.

We moved the last week of December, and my girls started back with homeschool in January. Around this time I created the Homeschool Boss Mama Goal Planner (for sale at Teachable). Because I needed to get my own homeschool goals together, I thought I would help other moms do the same. Little did I know that most of my planning would go out the window because COVID-19 was ahead.

By March, COVID-19 happened. Many weeks of shelter-in-place occurred, and I continued working from home while homeschooling.

My girls finished up their 6th grade and 12th grade academic year. My high school senior, Nyomi, was accepted into all three of her top colleges on academic scholarship. She is still deciding where she would like to attend school at this point.

She graduated high school with honors from her Classical Conversations program. We had an in-home ceremony (due to COVID-19) and recently a small birthday party/graduation party once our county allowed us to socialize in small social bubbles of 12 or less.

We also wrapped up my 12-year-old daughter’s year and promoted her to the 7th grade. Zoe had an awesome two years at Classical Conversations, too and is ready to move on to what’s next. I’ll keep posted on what she’s up to in upcoming blog posts.

Recently, my husband was promoted to Commander in the US Navy, so that was more good news for us. We feel honored and blessed.

All this to say, it’s been a busy 2020. Slowly businesses are beginning to open back up here but currently our county has strict regulations and it is taking a while to get back to normal. Still masking up, 6-feet distancing, and curbside pickups.

What else have we been up to the past three years?

Like I mentioned before, since my last blog post, we had a few interruptions- one of which was our move to East Bay. We had to sell our house and buy this one, so that was a year-long ordeal.

Prior to that, we had taken our daughters out of a homeschool group that wasn’t working for us, and found our way back to another (Classical Conversations), that happened to be in the East Bay (which we didn’t know at the time we’d be moving to!) We stayed with our CC group these past two years because it has been such a blessing for my girls- and for me, too. Zoe completed 5th and 6th grade while at our new CC campus, and Nyomi finished up 11th and 12th.

While at Classical Conversations I tutored a class for a year. Now THAT was an absolutely amazing experience- mainly because I enjoy teaching- and I enjoyed my class very much. The students are extremely bright and I had fun coming up with games each week to help them learn memory work. I heard through the grapevine that art and tin whistle were their favorites!

Another thing our family does is we like taking mini stay-cations and spending the weekend exploring museums and fun eateries in San Francisco. So we’ve done a lot of that the past few years.

While in the City, we often visit Hillsong Church.

SO, let’s see…what else?

I have been singing at my church, attending women’s conferences (also at church), leading a church life group with my husband- let’s just say I’ve been busy at church!

In upcoming posts I’d like to share more about my music and writings.

I’m currently offering a host of Outschool classes, if you want to check that out. My recent class is a Pre-K Circle Time. If you have preschoolers, you’re invited to a weekly circle time with me!

Whew! What an update. Until next time…