Okay, so I haven’t been blogging here QUITE as often…

There is a good reason.

First of all, I wanted this blog to serve as a reservoir of bits and pieces of my spiritual life.  For lack of a better analogy, I will use a “neighborhood”.  In it, there are a lot of little “houses” waiting to be discovered.

For example, I love to sing, right?  I write music from time to time whenever I am inspired.  So…I plan to blog about those things here, maybe record and post a song.

I also am on a bit of a spiritual awakening – a journey into a new and different level in my walk with the Lord.  As I blog here I can look back and see where God has  brought me from and be encouraged about where he is taking me.  Any interviews I’ve conducted in the past with songwriters, artists, business owners, authors…it’s all here – recorded, and tucked away for a time when I will, once again, hopefully, use these as inspirations and encouragement for my own life – and meanwhile, I hope they serve to encourage you too.

I also have my own podcasts recorded- words of encouragement that God led me to write and record for others, which are now serving to help me in my OWN life.  Whoa!  You think I have it all together?  Think again.  I am growing, and S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G like anyone else.

All of these podcasts and recordings (which this blog comprises mostly of, in addition to a quick stint at an online magazine), are only a FRACTION of my life.  Less than a fraction.  It’s only the DOING part of me…but there’s a whole lot of figuring out underneath all of this that has to be done.  All the while I was podcasting back in ’05-”08, hosting online seminars and chats, etc….guess what?  I still had some major FIGURING OUT to do about my life, my own purpose, and the direction God had in my life.

And He is not done with me yet.  Still revealing, but ever faithful to reveal to me day by day, I am growing into a  restful settling.

But I am not settling into the background to fade away.

I am settling into my Lord…(may He increase that I may decrease).  As this happens, though (and it is a process), He is bringing me new ideas, plans, and purposes to help our family…

…which brings me to the purpose of this post.

So I have been in hiatus for a while, or so it seems.

I am still here.  Trust me.  I am here- thinking and pondering.  But I am also busy.

Not too busy to blog or to update.  But busy working my hands in a few different fields God is preparing for our family.  You know when one season in your life has ended and God opens the doors to new opportunities.  When it’s a new season, you should harvest where He sent you to reap your harvest.  Don’t be trying to stick with the same old field.  The harvest is plentiful (the laborers few)…and sometimes He sends us to a different spot in the fields to work.  And that’s okay.

I have had a difficult time accepting this – that this field I’ve been working in may now be for someone else. He is moving me on to a different part of the field.  I am running smack dab into it, full force, as new ideas, opportunities, and energy for different projects have arisen…

And I can’t do a single thing but accept it with a smile…because I really am HAPPY He did it this way.

My new season began since 2007 – the birth of my newest baby and second child.  Christian Ladies Connect (my online chat/support group for Christian women) took a few different spins since then.  We went from weekly teleseminars and chats to once a quarter…and now…NOTHING.  As much as I have time to blog and produce other media…I cannot churn out one single podcast for Christian Ladies Talk Radio.  Should I take that to mean this season is over?

So I say all that to explain what’s new in my life:

  1. As much as I have a heart for God’s women online – I have found fulfillment in befriending and ministering to women in my own community.  It is coming closer to home.  I still LOVE our online relationships, though, and wouldn’t trade them for anything.  I have met some AWESOME people online, and have made friends with quite a few.  You ladies are wonderful!  Thank you for your friendship and your support.  But I have a feeling this season is leading me into…
  2. Reaching out to our wonderful children. As I’ve been homeschooling for a few years now, my heart is now plugged into shaping the future of my dear children God has blessed me with.  I am spending more time developing resources for them and helping other families who want to start homeschooling.  I have devotionals, and children’s activity kits to create – all pent up inside of me, waiting to explode!!!  So I gotta get about my Father’s business :-)

God has it all together for us.  When we don’t know the direction of our lives, just be still and know that He is God. That’s all you need to know.

I will be back from time to time – mostly posting updates about teaching my children, and maybe a song, or an encouraging Word the Lord has laid on my heart.  If time permits, I’ll even add more to this blog than I anticipate.  Again, it’s all in God’s perfect timing and direction for me.

Until then…