Alas, my posts seem to be getting fewer and further between as I focus more now on building my web consulting company.  Things are beginning to fall into place.  So, while I’m on a bitty break at the coffee shop today, I thought I’d do a catch-up blog post on our homeschooling adventures.

Our life has been so varied these days, it’s hard to say what a typical day is like anymore.  Here are some highlights:

Here’s BabyZ playing with a duck during our homeschool co-op weekly meeting.

Me teaching a Web 2.0 class during co-op.  Most of the students seemed to enjoy learning the art of blogging.

Sometimes after church we make  a stop by Sam’s Club to run a quick errand, and we end up eating a snack on our way.  I couldn’t resist these photos of sisterly love.

For Tot School we’ve been doing a lot of our block building…

(blocks and a bit of play dough throw in there for good measure!)
Bit of silliness…

Big sister helping little sister get ready for church.
My little girl has grown up so much.  Here she is preparing to walk into her science lab class.
The girls love to go places.
While big Sis goes to science lab, BabyZ enjoys a little Dr. Seuss fun at Books A Million.

So we pick up Big Sis from Science lab, and she proudly shows off her woodworking creation.  It sounded pretty fun.  A nice, elderly carpenter came by to teach the kids how to work with wood.

As the semester wears down and we get closer to Thanksgiving, we are starting to REALLY relax a bit.  We enjoyed a fieldtrip morning with some friends at a ceramics studio.

(finally BabyZ is big enough to paint her own ceramic!)

Another habit, we’d gotten into lately was stopping by Panera Bread for a quick bite before our weekly homeschool co-op begins:

Our school mornings are beginning to look more techie these days.
Ny discovered she was really good at Googling for info.  We’re still enjoying BJU for History.

Lastly, we finished off our homeschool co-op semester with a fun carnival-themed holiday party:

Well, there’s my lengthy update!