It’s been a long time coming, guys. This blog.

This is my personal blog, where I’ll talk about things that make me happy and light my fire.  Things that relate directly to my thoughts in life- like holistic living and homeschooling my kids.  Vacations with the family.  Videos I’ve just posted to You Tube.

And even some of my professional stuff as well- like helping mompreneurs with WordPress and business-building and supporting the homeschool mompreneur community.

I’ve taken a break with this blog and it has been inactive for a good year or so because I wanted to keep the pot stirred over at my other blogs…but…I’m back.

I miss blogging here so much!  So over the next few weeks, I’ll be loading this blog with so much of what’s been going on with me.

So, I thought I would kick things off with updates.  Updates are always nice, right?

So what has happened in a year? What happened in two years?  How about three?  (I don’t think I’ve consistently blogged here since 2014.)

Okay, I won’t go back that far in detail.  But 2014 we moved.  I became ill.  I spent the rest of 2015 recovering and getting my health back.  I’ll share more about that on this blog soon.

Let’s recap with 2016…

Summer 2016- where did the time go?

This was my 39th birthday…

Paella Valenciana: chicken, calamari, chorizo, mussels, shrimp, and vegetables in saffron rice.???

 I got busy with my weight loss regime (mainly healthy eating and walking routines) that summer as well.
The kids began 3rd and 9th grade that year.
I enjoy foods from around the world, so we had a good bit of Korean bbq:
And Persian foods too.
Around the holidays, the kids participated in our homeschool group’s craft faire.  I loved that it brought out the entrepreneurial side of them!
The fall and winter season seemed sooo long.
I spent that time posting a few videos about our homeschool updates.  At that point, we had switched up things in our homeschool, yet again.  My then 9th-grader transferred out of Connections Academy back to homeschooling.
I was also ramping up my business for mompreneurs and offering a fabulous web design and blog setup special for business moms.

Summer 2017: Port Hueneme and Disney

So, our family spent some time on a naval base in Port Hueneme in Southern California this summer.

Check out this video with complete updates and Disney photos, plus a bonus track of a song I wrote… 🙂

While in Port Hueneme, the girls (3rd and 9th grade at the time) finished up their school year with the final pages of workbooks and projects.  It wasn’t as bad as I had suspected it might be with being on “vacation” while finishing up school.

(Technically hubby was still working on base each day, but hey, we were determined to enjoy our time there).

Disney was fun and exhausting- as usual.  We have been to Disneyland in Anaheim almost every other year since we’ve moved out here and three times in Florida to Disneyworld.  (What can I say?  My hubby makes good deals and wants to use those deeply discounted military passes.  Yes, we take FULL advantage!)

We did have a blast.  Detailed pictures on my Facebook, so follow me over there 🙂

Turning 40

Yep.  I finally crossed over…but I don’t feel any different really.

Turning 15

And my oldest turned 15.  She is believing for cars in her near future 😉

Here’s her birthday at a local pottery studio.

So, the kids began their new homeschool year in August – 10th and 4th grade now.  Summer is over and fall is here!

And…I’m hoping to keep this blog updated once again!  I hope you’ll stick around.